Sustainability Training : NDPE, Grievance Mechanism And Other Topics
28-29 March 2019

PIL’s Sustainability Department recently carried out Sustainability Training for PIL and its sister companies’ senior management and key personnel. The training focused on No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation (NDPE) as well as Grievance Mechanism. The training was carried out with assistance from Proforest, PIL’s appointed sustainability journey partner

There were almost 30 participants and the session was interactive and engaging. Participants were exposed to the challenges in the industry, the need to be sustainable and the commitments made by PIL in its Sustainability Charter and Policy. Throughout the sessions, participants also actively engaged in group activities and role-played some scenarios to understand the possible situations that may arise through grievances.

Mr. Fouad Hayel Saeed, Regional Managing Director officiated the training with his speech and presented the PIL Responsible Palm Oil Policy to General Managers from PIL’s sister companies. These sister companies are part of PIL’s suppliers and the copies of PIL’s Responsible Palm Oil Policy were passed to them for adoption and implementation. The training session indirectly served as supplier engagement within the organization.

The following day, another half-day session was carried out by PIL’s Sustainability Manager with the Management Representatives from all sister companies handling Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification. The training covered RSPO Membership and Responsibilities, Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) submission and the way forward for PIL and its sister companies in their sustainability journey and governance.

Overall, the training was successful and participants brought back with them knowledge on sustainability mostly on NDPE, grievance mechanism as well as RSPO related matters.