About us

Pacific Inter-Link (PIL) group is a global major in the field of Palm products and consumer goods.

Who we are

Pacific Inter-Link (PIL) was incorporated in 1988 in Kuala Lumpur to promote the export of various commodities and services from Asia to the global markets. Envisioning the potential of Asia as an economic powerhouse, PIL rapidly grew to become one of the leading export houses in Malaysia.

The PIL group is actively engaged in a diverse range of activities such as manufacturing, refining, trading, tank terminal, marketing of consumer Products and shipping services. Being a focused, well-directed and far-sighted organization, the PIL group strongly believes in long-term strategic planning, while at the same time ensuring flexibility to serve customer needs. We are confident that these dynamic business principles will continue to spur us towards a great future.

Vision & Mission


To be a Global integrated vegetable Oil & FMCG company employing sustainable and ethical business practices


In the pursuit of excellence, value addition and mutual rewards, we are confident that we shall be a truly dynamic global enterprise, and contribute through our humble means to the betterment of mankind. Driven by the simple belief that everyone deserves the best, PIL is ever committed to continue the quest of providing only the finest products and services, promoting excellent partnerships with our suppliers and creating a conducive working environment. While we always recognized ourselves as a dynamic,far-sighted and forward-thinking company, loyalty, integrity and equality are virtues that have guided us this far. And, they will continue to be our top priority in our blueprint for the future.

Quality Policy

Pacific Inter Link Sdn Bhd is committed in providing Quality Products and Raw Material To Our Customers.

It is Our Policy to strive for this by consistently Meeting Our Customer Requirements Through:

Speed : React & Respond Speedily To Our Customer

Strategy : Continual Improvement through Analysis of Objectives and Result

System : To Comply with the ISO 9001:2008 Requirements and Continually Improve the Effectiveness of Our Quality Management System

Satisfaction : To Ensure That Customers Are Fully Satisfied With Our Services.


Our heartfelt appreciation for your interest and time in going through this message to find out details about Pacific Inter-Link. Since our inception in Malaysia in1988 with a small office of 10 people, PIL has grown to become a highly professional, dynamic and diversified organization employing around 3500 people with interest in Manufacturing, Trading, Marketing of Consumer Products & Logistics Services in Malaysia and Indonesia. The sound business principles we emphasize on and the management values we uphold are parallel to that of our parent group, the Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies. We practice and advocate a profound corporate philosophy that is focused on creating a truly dynamic global enterprise based on reputation, integrity and mutual prosperity.

In less than two decades, this policy has propelled the organization into a highly respected company by our stakeholders including suppliers, customers and our employees. As we continue to scale greater heights, PIL is ever committed to take the challenges that lie ahead with high level of optimism and enthusiasm to achieve our ambition of being a truly recognized global organization. Our sincere gratitude to the many institutions and organizations as well as the countless number of individuals who have helped us accomplishes so much in such a short time.

In our continuous endeavour to conduct our business in a fair, transparent and ethical manner we have implemented a Code of Conduct which acts as a guidepost to all our employees including the management employees. We all commit to live by the code.

Code of Conduct

Ultimately, it's about each of us knowing that we have done the right thing. This means acting honestly and treating each other and our customers, partners, suppliers and consumers fairly, and with dignity.

Integrity is fundamental to the Group. We all want to do what is right, for ourselves and for the Group. PIL Group corporate reputation is one of our group's most valuable asset and a key component in service delivery. Impartiality, independence and integrity are therefore the cornerstones of our Code of Ethics.

All of these values are shared and endorsed by our team, so reinforcing our group's unity and cohesion, which will in turn help us achieve our strategy of sustainable and profitable growth.

The launch of our Code of Conduct & Business Ethics is supported by an extensive implementation programme to ensure that all employees have read and understood it; that senior & top management are familiar with the internal policies and procedures of the Code's and that PIL Group has implemented and is able to demonstrate that it has, an effective Compliance Programme.

In 2014, PIL established an internal Whistleblowing Policy for our employees and stakeholders. The procedure is a formal mechanism for stakeholders to report alleged improper or unlawful conduct without fear of retribution. Whistle-blowers can remain anonymous unless disclosure is mandated by law.