Traceability to Mills

The PIL list of supplying mills is based on information received from our third party suppliers. The disclosed data is correct to the best of PIL’s knowledge at the time of publication. We cannot guarantee its full accuracy and therefore welcome any corrections that may be needed. Blank data fields which are not filled denotes data has been requested but not provided by a supplier. The list are updated as of June 2021, however some suppliers have declared varying periods.

As for Internal Supply Chain, PIL do not source from Pacific Medan Industri.

Internal Supply Chain

External Supply Chain

Supplier Engagement

To verify and monitor our suppliers against our NDPE policy commitments, we created SOPs for new and existing suppliers. The SOP covers suppliers across PIL’s supply chain. This includes mill names, parent company information, geographic locations and RSPO statuses, and confirming whether NDPE policies have been established.

We believe that continuous engagement and close collaboration with suppliers is crucial for reducing and managing risks and tackling the complexities of supply chain structures. We mandate our suppliers to provide information for verification and assessment by a given deadline. Extreme cases of post-engagement reluctance or non-compliance will lead to suspension or termination. We work closely with our suppliers to understand and close any public grievances and assist them in meeting our responsible sourcing policies.

We also host workshops with Proforest, on supplier NDPE requirements. In 2020, we hosted a supplier engagement workshop – 57 out of 287 suppliers attended. During the workshop, the suppliers are requested to sign and return a Supplier Code of Conduct – As at December 2020, 85% of our suppliers has committed to our a Supplier Code of Conduct.