Bulk Palm Oil

At the heart of PIL lies the Bulk Palm Oil operations. This operation can be divided into three major areas namely sourcing, refining, trading Logistics (separately covered under Shipping and Logistics) PIL BPO operation enjoys a key differentiation among the large global destination players in its ability to procure and deliver market specific cargos according to the demands of each market.

Packed Oil

The core strength of PIL Group comes from its multi-location refining capabilities. We have refineries in the hub of palm oil production areas, viz., Medan & Dumai in Indonesia and Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Our combined refining capacity for oil is TPA and fats TPA making us one of the largest refiners in the world.


Based in Medan, PPI has modern and highly integrated production facilities with 2 Refinery plants( capacities exceeding 1600 MTD ) and 2 fractionation plants ( capacities of 800 MTD each ) for producing normal Olein IV 56 and 400 MTD each for producing Super Olein IV 60.

PPI is certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, HALAL, KOSCHER, RSPO SCCS with strong commitments to maintain good quality of product and healthy environment. Additionally we have won Green Industry Award and Zero Accident award from the Government of Indonesia. These recognitions stand as our world class facilities as well as our commitments to the safety procedures and safe working environment at all times.

PT Pacific Indopalm Industries

PT. Pacific Indopalm Industries started its operation in Dumai, Riau Province on the East cost of Sumatra Island of Indonesia in December 2009. The company has invested in the latest state of the art technology with a fully automated refining or fractionation processes. The company is a member of the RSPO and ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and HALAL certified.

PT. Pacific Indopalm Industries has also invested in a Bulk Storage facility of Palm Oil and Lauric products along with a fleet of road tankers to ensure continuous flow of Crude Palm Oil from Plantations to the Refinery. It has its own Jetty and high pumping facilities that guarantee minimum loading time for big vessels up to a loading capacity of 50,000 MT.

PT. Pacific Indopalm Industries generates its own electricity using non-polluting, bio degradable source of environment friendly fuel.

Pacific Oils & Fats Industries Sdn Bhd(PACOIL)

Pacific Oils and Fats Industries Sdn Bhd (PACOIL) was established in 2002 in Malaysia as an additional refining arm affiliated to Pacific Inter-Link along with Palmindo in Indonesia. It soon became one of the biggest groups in cooking oil refinery in South-East Asia with a production capacity of more than 1.2 million metric tons per year.


Pacific Inter-Link owns some of the most popular soap brand names like Juliet, Soft Silk, Saba, Medi Twist etc. These brands are household names in many countries especially in Africa. PIL has group strong presence in beauty, toilet soaps, anti-bacterial & multipurpose soaps

PT Oleochem & Soap Industri

PT Oleochem & Soap Industri, one of the biggest manufacturers of soap in South East Asia, was establish in 1999 with the primary objectives to manufacture Soap Products as well as Glycerin and Oleo Chemicals using State of the art technology. With fully computerized soap equipment, PT Oleochem & Soap Industri be the one of the most modern soap manufacturing plants in Indonesia.

Commitment to quality and continue development has enable us to stand firm and grow into a leading soap producers, ready to compete with other world class company in the fields.


Pacific Inter-Link has established a large detergent business & it's brand Saba is a market leader in many Sub-Saharan countries. Saba power is a household name & is one of the most trusted brands in these markets


Likewise in soaps & detergent categories, PIL owns Milgro, which is one of the most preferred dairy product brands. Milgro is a leading brand in Algeria, Sub-Saharan markets, Middle East & Sri Lanka

PT Pacific Indo Dairy

PT Pacific Indo Dairy was established in 1999 with the objective to process, pack and export milk powders and other dairy products from Indonesia.

The plant is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery that is operated in a clean and hygienic environment without human touch. Quality control checks are made at every stage of our operation. Even the processing and packaging activity is fully automated. Our relentless quest for quality has earned us ISO, HACCP and Halal certification.