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Bakery Fats are used in bakery products to provide different attributes in a number of ways:

  • Impart shortness, or richness and tenderness to improve flavor and eating characteristics
  • Enhance aeration for leavening and volume
  • Promote desirable grainy and texture quality
  • Provide flakiness in pie crust, Danish, and puff pastries
  • Enhance moisture retention for shelf-life improvement (Long Shelf-life)
  • Provide structure for cake, icing and filling
  • No tendency for fat bloom

Biscuit manufacturers are among the largest users of shortenings in their production. PAMIN Bakery shortenings are used for four major purposes: Biscuit Dough, Cake, Icing/Spraying oil after baking & Filling (biscuit cream).


Bread shortening is one of the most important functional ingredient for better texture and longer shelf-life. As it influences well and even dough mixing, smooth handling, proofing and gives better bread volume, in addition to imparting desirable taste and texture quality to the baked bread. All of these effects are due to the lubricating properties of the shortening.

  • Provide lubrication to prevent the wheat gluten particles from adhering together,which retards staling
  • Impart tenderness to improve flavor and eating characteristics
  • Enhance aeration for leavening and incerased volume
  • Promote desirable texture quality
  • Enhance moisture retention for shelf-life improvement
  • Can be customized by adding emulsifer (Lecithin, Saturated or Unsaturated Di-mono glycerides) or Nitrogenated/Aerated.
  • Our Bread Shortenings are bland/unflavoured compared to lard and similar fats.
  • Our Bread Shortenings are Trans-fat free vegetable based and cholesterol free.
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Frying is an ubiquitous and versatile method of cooking, it improves the sensory appeal of food, especially by giving food a crunchy texture and rich taste. Frying implies the use of oils or fats that serve as both ingredient and heating medium

  • Deep frying is defined as the cooking by immersion of a food in oils or fats that are heated to between 140°C and 180°C and the repeated use of the frying medium
  • Pan frying implies the use of a small amount of oil or fat to lubricate a pan in which the food is cooked on each side.
Fried foods can be consumed at home or away from home in traditional or fast-food restaurants, for example)
  • Gives a nice golden color to the product if fried "High resistance to oxidation and gum formation as per recommended temperature
  • Low free fatty acid (FFA) rise and Smoke Point
  • Provides a crispier texture
  • Very low rate of foaming
  • Provides distinctive mouth feel
  • Low melting point (Avena Gold & Avena Fry
  • Maintain good flavor and aroma during frying Medium)
  • All our Frying range contains Zero Trans fatty
  • Increased frying cycles acids
  • Reduced oil absorption


Cocoa butter substitutes (CBS) are considered as specialty fats which possess similar physical properties to cocoa butter but different triglyceride composition. For decades, CBS has been used by the chocolate and confectionary industry to produce high-quality chocolate directly without tempering process. CBS is a lowcost alternative to replace real cocoa butter in a wide range of application.

CBS are lauric based, hardened, non-tempered fats with <0.5% trans fat. They provide good elasticity, gloss retention and fast crystallization at lower viscosities. Our CBS is the least compatible with cocoa butter and in coating recipes, all the cocoa mass must be replaced by cocoa powder. Pamin CBS range is either partially or fully hardened, and with or without emulsifiers as per customer requirements. Our highest grade CBS is hard like rock at lower temperature and yet melts sharply below body temperature with good mouth-feel and texture.

  • It also contracts very well in moulding and is therefore particularly suitable for Easter egg production.
  • It is highly saturated triglyceride
  • Resistance to Oxidative rancidity
  • Having steep melting properties with Excellent sharp & complete melting at body temperature
  • Satisfying cooling sensation in the mouth
  • Lauric fat form crystal stable with rapid cooling without tempering
  • Good mold release
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Use all range of CBS in biscuit or wafer coatings and molded products, and you will quickly appreciate the outstanding snap, texture and flavor release, which are very similar to those of chocolates.


Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR) is made from hydrogenated and fractionated vegetable fats of a non-lauric fat category. Sometimes called cocoa butter extenders (CBEX or CBX), or Non-lauric CBS, these fats are based on C16 and C18 fatty acids, the same as in cocoa butter (but not with the same triglycerides). They are therefore partially compatible with cocoa butter and owe their sharp melting properties to intense levels of trans fatty acids, especially elaidic (C18:1 trans)

Coatings made with them have long shelf life against bloom and are relatively resistant to developing a soapy flavour. They are frequently used in compound coatings for confectionary and bakery products.

Compound chocolate products made with CBR does not require tempering, it can be combined with cocoa liquor to achieve a richer cocoa flavor than if only cocoa powder is used, so it will allow achieving high capacity output on the production line and can be produced on the identical line as the chocolate products for no risk of contamination by lauric fats. If customer conventionally uses part of real cocoa butter with CBR to make indulge products for the same they need to have good tempering to stabilize the cocoa butter part

CHOCOLIN Series of CBR Fat are imparting excellent gloss retention & sharp meltdown to the end products. They include high tolerance for cocoa butter and thus can be combined with cocoa liquor to produce a compound chocolate that is rich in cocoa taste.

  • Processing on the same line as cocoa butter
  • Extreme flexibility in recipe and process
  • Good shelf life
  • Excellent crystallization rate
  • Good bloom stability
  • High gloss and gloss retention
  • No tempering and easy to use

  • Compound coatings for Confectie pound coatings for Confectionary & Bakery Products
  • Dark Compound Chocolate
  • Combination with real cocoa butter for coatings and moulding applications
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tailored specialty filling fats designed to influence the key properties on texture, stability, melting profile and flavour release. We produce a range of soft and hard filling fats which gives light and creamy mouthfeel, high volume/aerated and high stability in water based or dry-fruits, nuts or cereals containing recipes.

This specialty filling fat range for filled chocolate and confectionery products comprised overall eating quality with extended shelf-life and also provides versatility to achieve the best solution for:

  1. Praline fillings
  2. Fat based fruit fillings
  3. Aerated fillings
  4. Soft glaze for cupcakes, cakes

PAMIN provide CRÈME Series for biscuit cream filling fat with excellent crystallization properties and significant sensory qualities.

  1. Praline Filling
  2. Fillings for Biscuits and wafers
  3. Moulded filling
  4. Centre fillings in confectionery

  • Filling Fat for Confectionary
  • Biscuit Cream Filling
  • Wafer Cream Filling

The range is developed to meet specific customer requirements i.e country climatic conditions and regulations per country.

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offers an extensive variety of ice cream coatings fat as PAMFIL Series. Each ice cream coating fat maintains a well-balanced ratio of solid fat to liquid oil, so they achieve a stronger coating that when bitten into, it does not peel off or chip away from the ice cream. It has a significantly fast crystallization property for an ideal enrobing and coating/dipping application for ice-cream.

PAMFIL Series is made from Palm Kernel Oil Fraction. It is refined and modified to provide the desired melting profile and excellent sensory qualities of the ice-cream.

  • Quick Crystallisation
  • Bland taste (Neutral Flavor & Taste)
  • Excellent oxidative stability
  • Improved shelf life
  • Low trans-fat and No Cholesterol

  • Ice Cream Enrobing and Coating / Dipping.
  • Ice Cream Mass


offers an immense variety of specialty fats for coating, whipping and creaming applications like coating chocolates, toffees and other confectionary products. Our products can be tailor-made to suit the setting characteristics and eating quality desired by the customer.

Pamin PAMIN PAMKOT range of fat is preferred to be used for various types of aerated applications like whipped creams and toppings. Whipped topping is used for commercial and consumer use on fruits, cakes, puddings, desserts, cold coffees & dairy drinks, sodas, ice-creams, pastries and cream pie bases.

Our PAMIN PAMKOT fat for whipping cream is partly solid at 5 °C, solid enough at ambient temperature, and melt at <37 °C (body temperature) is perfectly suitable to use in whipped topping formulation, whipping creams made with our PAMKOT were generally more stable than dairy whipping cream, had excellent foam stability in cream that influences the whipping properties. These fat blends have the number of solid fat crystals for the stabilisation of air cells, to produce stable foams that do not shrink or release the liquid phase. PAMIN PAMKOT range of fats provides a bland taste and a rapid melting that contributes to a good flavor release.

  • Good overrun
  • Better aeration
  • Form stability
  • Sensory properties
  • Low trans-fat and No Cholesterol
  • Chocolate Coating
  • Compound Chocolate
  • Feta Cheese Analogue
  • Non-dairy breakfast Cream
  • Whipping Cream for Cake Decoration
  • Cooking Cream for Culinary Applications


Spread fat mostly used for chocolate or hazelnut spreads and bake-stable fillings as it remains soft, creamy and spreadable over a wide temperature range. Due to is verstility many confectionary and bakery manufacturers also used as bake-stable, freeze-stable or ambient filling fat in many french bakery products for making chocolate ganache for Pain-au-chocolat, Profiterole, Eclair. Croissants, etc.

PAMIN SSPRD Series contain a special fat blend that forms a solid matrix to minimise oil separation in the Spread products.

PAMIN SSPRD Series contain a special fat blend that forms a solid matrix to minimise oil separation in the Spread products.

PAMIN SSPRD Series has a very good stability even at higher temperature. The stabilizing fat component in this product will prevents seperation of liquid oil from the product

PAMIN SSPRD Gold offers very premium spread fat with real cocoa butter for high-quality chocolate or hazelnut spreads that deliver a quick and cool melt and excellent flavour release gives attractive appearance, wonderful taste, great mouth feel and a long shelf life.

  • Chocolate Spread; Hazelnut Spread; Caramel Spread; Coffee Spread; Custard Spread; etc.
  • Soft Biscuit Filling; Lava Cake Filling; Soft Chocolate Filling.
  • Bake-stable, Freeze-stable and Ambient type Chocolate fillings for Bakery Industry
  • Liquid Chocolate, Chocolate ganache (paste) for Pain-au-chocolat, Profiterole, Eclair, Croissants....
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has a range of hardened, non-hardened and Inter-esterified palm oil based hard stocks which can serve any food industry to manufacture different types of margari vegetable ghee varieties and range of specialty fats and shortenings.

All our hard stocks are modified from liquid to solid to increase the shelf-life stability, more resist to oxidative rancidity of final product, easy handling and storage and convenient to use by blending with any soft oils to make desired products as per market requirements.

PAMIN HPO & PAMIEO Series of Hard stocks are designed purely based on palm oil non-lauric & palm kernel lauric fats with or without addition of antioxidants.

  • Hard Stock for manufacturing of different industrial and Retail Margarines.
  • Hard Stock for manufacturing of different textures of Vegetable Ghee.
  • Hard Stock for manufacturing of different ratios of butter blends.
  • Hard Stock for manufacturing of different Shortenings by blending with other fats and oils

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has a range of Dairy Cream Alternatives / Milk Fat Replacers, which remain an assortment of high-quality vegetable fat products, with specific characteristics to f various dairy applications.

PAMIN's dairy fat alternatives are developed to substitute partially or fully milk fat in finished products. They are easy to process and gives similar texture and flavor release to your cheese analogues. A very much cost-effective alternative to dairy fat along with better oxidative stability to prevent rancidity.

Nutrimix Series are PAMIN Milk Fat Replacers (MFR) range which are produced from a unique blend of vegetable oils and fats. They can be used to replace milk fat in many products applications like ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, vegetable cheese and other confectionery and dairy products.

  • The comparable quality of the application products as with milk fat
  • Favorable cost compared to butter fat
  • Easy and convenient to use in production
  • Constant quality, stable against rancidity
  • Refined to the highest taste quality, necessary for the replacement of milk fat
  • Any ratio of vegetable fat/milk fat can be used in the applications
  • Possibilities to develop modern dairy products using tailor-made blends.
  • No Cholesterol, No trans-fatty acids.

A wide range of tailor-made dairy fat alternatives with:

  • Very low free fatty acid
  • Low Color
  • Natural Antioxidant Ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C-Fat soluble)
  • Natural Beta-carotene color
  • Butter Flavour
  • Emulsifier (Lecithin or DMG)
  • Vitamin A, D & E (tocopherols) as an optional
  • Dairy Cream Alternatives / Milk Fat Replacer in Yoghurt (Set Yoghurt, Stirred Yoghurt, Fruit Yoghurts, Culinary Yoghurts, Yoghurt Drinks, etc.)
  • Excellent for making Analogue Cheeses (Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Triangle Cheese, Glass-Jar Spread Cheese, Mozarella Cheese (Block/Grated])
  • Filling Wafer (Chocolate, Hazelnut, Vanilla or any fruit flavour fillings)