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At the heart of PIL lies the Bulk Palm Oil operations. This operation can be divided into three major areas namely sourcing, refining, trading Logistics (separately covered under Shipping and Logistics) PIL BPO operation enjoys a key differentiation among the large global destination players in its ability to procure and deliver market specific cargos according to the demands of each market.


The sourcing operation can be divided in two parts involving sourcing of CPO for refineries and and for trading and sourcing of Palm oil derivatives. All three associated refineries operate in close coordination with the central trading team in the sourcing operations. Each of the three refineries operate on their own in ensuring procurement and supply of CPO for their operations. PIL does its own sourcing of CPO and refined products either from its own refineries and/or from reputable 3rd parties to satisfy the demand. All buying complies with the stringent PORAM guidelines and sepcifications


PIL enjoys the unique advantage of having own associated refineries who refine the CPO according to the specific needs of PIL’s clients and markets. These refineries not only employ state-of-the-art green technologies but also ancillary facilities like modern storage tanks, jetties, pipelines etc. In a continuous procurement and shipment mode, systematic hedging of cargo is at the heart of the sourcing and procurement operations. Continuous tracking of edible oils prices across the globe as also the demand forecast in each market allows PIL to hedge the risk in the procurement of CPO and refined products. The well experienced trading team monitors the prices and trends in the market through live data terminals and continuously adjust the hedging position. All these activities one governed by robust risk management policies which includes active independent monitoring of positions.


PIL group has invested upon three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and Malaysia to address the wide variety of demands of its clients. The combined refining capacity of the three plants (PacOil, Indopalma and Palmindo) stands at 7500 MT / day which translates into more than 2.25 million MT per annum. All the refineries are fully certified in all required quality standards including RSPO. They can produce RSPO certified refined oil by refining RSPO certified crude palm oil.

PIL group not only has one of the best refineries in Origin, they also have their own oil terminals servicing their vessels. The manufacturing facilities are strategically located near ocean ports as also very close to the palm plantations thus ensuring regular supply of CPO throughout the tear.

PIL also has its own dedicated jetty at Dumai port. Large vessels of 50000 DWT can berth in these facilities and cargo unloading and loading can be undertaken at the fastest time span ensuring quick turn-around time.


The trading team functions as the engine that runs the BPO of PIL. The trading operations involve both front-ending with clients and agents across all operating markets as also with the backend supply-chain, consisting of sourcing, procurement and logistics wings.

The trading team caters to specific geographies, books orders and plan the sourcing and delivery logistics. Each order demands minute planning involving the exact nature of the cargo, delivery destination, vessel requirement and supply period. Both from the sourcing and delivery perspective, continuous planning and monitoring becomes a necessity to ensure on-time delivery to the right destination in the most cost-effective manner.

PIL trading operations, differentiates itself from other major competitors in terms of its ability to Deliver cargo on time

  • Offer flexibility in pricing and Ensure superior cargo quality.

PIL caters to the following three regions as its primary markets :

  • Red Sea region
  • East Mediterranean region and East African region.

PIL also caters to other markets but with limited interest at this point. It is the organisation’s policy to focus on selected markets and dominate them in terms of the volume shares. PIL holds high volume share in Egypt, Turkey, Tanzania, Kenya, Ukraine and Oman.

PIL caters to each of its market addressing the need of that market along with customised payment terms and delivery mechanism. Vessels are chartered for segregated regions to ensure fastest delivery period at the most competitive cost.

PIL over the years has armed itself with the capability to handle different varieties / grades of oils to be delivered with customised solution like keeping the cargo in constant-heated conditions throughout the storage and voyage, nitrogen blanketing, addition of anti-oxidants segregated tanks etc.


PIL has Palm Oil close to the heart. To meet the growing needs of the international markets while tapping fully into available resources of the local Palm Oil Industry, PIL deals in all kinds of Palm Oil and Lauric products. All products sourced, refined and exported by PIL are supplied with the universally accepted PORAM/MEOMA specifications.

In addition to our commitment to quality and service, our strength in negotiations, our sharp analytical knowledge of local and international market factors and our very strong logistics arrangement enable us to offer our customers a competitive advantage. Backed by an excellent track record and our capability in handling large volumes, we are confident of expanding beyond our existing markets.


PACIFIC OILS & FATS INDUSTRIES SDN BHD (PACOIL) expanded its operation to Bulking Storage Terminal activities with Seventy-Eight calibrated storage tanks with total storage capacity of 225,750 metric tons (MT). Our storage tanks capacities are ranging from 750 up to 7,500 MT per tank and presently having 10 number of export pipelines to jetties and we can load oil in 4 ships at one point of time. Our tanks are Mild Steel Coated tank/Stainless Steel tanks with Agitators/Stirrers and heating arrangement to ensure that the oil stored at our terminal is well homogenized before delivery to ships. We also have the facilities of providing 'Nitrogen Blanketing Services' to our customers and 60,000 MT tanks capacity are equipped with 'Nitrogen Blanketing System'. Since PACOIL bulking installation is located strategically in heart of Johor Port and well equipped with facilities to receive and dispatch oils, it is very convenient to arrange any local deliver via road tankers or import/export shipment onto vessels. We are importing/exporting more than 2.3 million metric tons per annum from our Pasir Gudang Terminal. PIL also owns terminals in Lubuk Gaung & Belawan in Indonesia.


PIL employees were always considered a family within a family business, however, we lacked a formal program that would act as a platform to engage, educate, and accentuate their involvement in the overall organizational improvement.

PIL has the most diverse workforce with different nationalities, language and cultural background. Through an employee engagement platform we wanted to harness this diversity in a meaningful way and also make PIL a fun work place. This was the purpose of ‘We’ initiative which was conceived, planned and executed by PIL employees to facilitate and enhance the work environment by the exchange of ideas, values, information and expressions.

“Eat Right, Live Right”

PIL chose every Wednesday to be fruits day where the employees are provided with various kind of fruits

This initiative is to ensure the health and wellness of our employees as it is important


We started its journey with 'yoga sessions' in the PIL sports room.DAY

The yoga sessions are held for all employees, with the maintenance of the MCO SOP regulations under a yoga instructor

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