Sustainability Charter

Palm Oil Sustainability Charter

PIL Group released its first Sustainability Charter in July 2018. As a responsible global player in the Palm Oil industry, the charter highlights our commitments and draws the roadmap of PIL Group’s sustainability journey. The Sustainability Charter underwent several revisions based on the feedbacks received from stakeholders and to meet the sustainability commitment of the company.

The new charter which was revised and published in July 2023 strengthens the commitments made by PIL Group into five major components, namely on:

  • Environmental & biodiversity protection
  • Social responsibility
  • Traceable supply chain
  • Engagement
  • Transparency
The components above are aligned with our no deforestation, no peat clearing and no exploitation (NDPE) commitments

Download - Palm Oil Sustainability Charter - Version 3

Download - Palm Oil Sustainability Charter - Version 2

Download - Palm Oil Sustainability Charter - Version 1


PIL employees were always considered a family within a family business, however, we lacked a formal program that would act as a platform to engage, educate, and accentuate their involvement in the overall organizational improvement.

PIL has the most diverse workforce with different nationalities, language and cultural background. Through an employee engagement platform we wanted to harness this diversity in a meaningful way and also make PIL a fun work place. This was the purpose of ‘We’ initiative which was conceived, planned and executed by PIL employees to facilitate and enhance the work environment by the exchange of ideas, values, information and expressions.

“Eat Right, Live Right”

PIL chose every Wednesday to be fruits day where the employees are provided with various kind of fruits

This initiative is to ensure the health and wellness of our employees as it is important


We started its journey with 'yoga sessions' in the PIL sports room.DAY

The yoga sessions are held for all employees, with the maintenance of the MCO SOP regulations under a yoga instructor

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