PIL refocused its sustainability journey in 2018 and it is a priority and at the top agenda of PIL’s Management Team.

As result, PIL sustainability governance structure is introduced. PIL refined its Sustainability Governance structure to promote sustainability; to ensure transparency and traceability of its supply chain; and create values to the organization.

The PIL Sustainability Governance comprises of Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) and Control Purchase Committee (CPC). The former provides strategy and direction as well as monitors PIL’s progress in implementation of the policies while the latter focuses specifically on supply chain matters.

The governance structure constitute of Group Managing Director, Senior Management and Sustainability Department. Group Managing Director holds the highest position for sustainability, SSC and CPC.

Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) & Control Purchase Committee (CPC)

Sustainability Department

  • Advice/recommend sustainability strategies, goals & action plan
  • Monitors sustainability performance
  • Develops procedures for sustainability performance
  • Monitor sustainability commitments across supply chain
  • Manage grievances against suppliers
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Oversight sustainability operation of sister refineries


PIL employees were always considered a family within a family business, however, we lacked a formal program that would act as a platform to engage, educate, and accentuate their involvement in the overall organizational improvement.

PIL has the most diverse workforce with different nationalities, language and cultural background. Through an employee engagement platform we wanted to harness this diversity in a meaningful way and also make PIL a fun work place. This was the purpose of ‘We’ initiative which was conceived, planned and executed by PIL employees to facilitate and enhance the work environment by the exchange of ideas, values, information and expressions.

“Eat Right, Live Right”

PIL chose every Wednesday to be fruits day where the employees are provided with various kind of fruits

This initiative is to ensure the health and wellness of our employees as it is important


We started its journey with 'yoga sessions' in the PIL sports room.DAY

The yoga sessions are held for all employees, with the maintenance of the MCO SOP regulations under a yoga instructor

“How Nutrition can help to fight against COVID-19 Pandemic?”

How to eat healthy? Nutrition advice during COVID-19?